Our Story

Over a decade ago, a new chapter began for the cafe scene in Sydney with the opening of Frenchy’s Cafe. The cafe’s roots trace back to Paris, where its founders gained extensive experience running two bustling brasseries in Saint Germain-en-Laye, a charming town west of Paris. In 2012, they brought their expertise and passion for French cuisine to Sydney, establishing Frenchy’s Cafe as a local gem. With its authentic recipes and dedication to quality, Frenchy’s Cafe quickly became a favourite spot for locals and visitors alike, celebrating the essence of French food in a cozy, welcoming, outdoors atmosphere.

Frenchy’s Cafe is set up in the soldiers ‘All ranks club’. Built a century ago, in 1920, it was once somewhere the soldiers would enjoy a whiskey together. On the entrance wall, there is still an old mural painted by one of the soldiers. This heritage building is the heart of our bustling little French cafe and has a beautiful outdoor setting.