Artists Open Day

Held on the first Saturday of every month. Come and walk through our talented artists studios and discover their world of painting, drawing and sculpture.

War on Waste

We have recycled 4 tonnes of coffee grounds since we opened in 2012. They are fabulous as fertiliser in your garden bed and help to keep the bunnies at bay. The grounds can also be used as a body scrub in the shower!

Bushwalks from Frenchy’s Cafe

There are beautiful trails leaving the cafe that head to the popular landmarks of Balmoral, Chowder Bay, Clifton Gardens and Taronga Zoo.

Make a day of it and enjoy a beautiful walk. Help yourself to a map when you come in to visit us.

Tunnels and Gunners Tour

Featuring gun emplacements, underground tunnels and other military relics dating back to the 1870s, Georges Heights at Headland Park, Mosman once played a crucial role in the defence of Sydney Harbour. During the Harbour Trust’s 90-minute tour, an experienced volunteer guide will lead you through two sets of demilitarised fortifications, including tunnels off limits to the general public. 

Tour commences at 10:45am on select Sundays. Book through the Harbour Trust Website

Visit Us

Frenchy’s Cafe is set up in the soldiers ‘All ranks club’. Built a century ago, in 1920, it was once somewhere the soldiers would enjoy a whiskey together. This heritage building is the heart of our bustling little French cafe and has a beautiful outdoor setting.